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High quality holistic freelance SEO consultant in Toronto. A Professional SEO expert that is affordable and works on an upfront, honest and personal level. I work with small to medium size businesses, professionals and those that outsource SEO. Specializing in SEO for contractors and home service businesses.

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Why Choose my Seo Consulting Service?

When you work with me you're not just another number. I will always remain dedicated, honest, upfront and communicate directly with you, something not every SEO company can offer. We’ve all heard the phrase “your success is my success” and I take that seriously on a business and personal level. In fact, my passion for Search Engine Optimization and drive to succeed as an SEO consultant is what fuels the dedication and detailed, focused work you will receive. This is just a few reasons why you can trust and know you will receive only the best, attentive, personalized freelance SEO consulting services in Toronto.

SEO Consulting hourly rate

$30 if budget is $2000

$35 if budget is $1500

$40 if budget is $1000

I work on no contract monthly retainers with signed service agreements. This way you're not locked into a contract and you get an agreement detailing the scope-of-work. I put in hours, gain backlinks and publish content based on your budget. The minimum retainer (your budget) is $800 per month.

Competitor SEO analysis and research.

When building your strategy careful attention is paid to your top competitors search engine ranking efforts. This is a vital step in building a successful strategy. With an in depth look I can see what is working for them, what is not working and any opportunities to increase or protect your website ranking.

Competitor Analysis

Transfer website to a new domain.

Transferring your website to a new domain name can put your search engine rankings at risk. Changing the address of your website and migrating your current website to the new domain name is something you want to get right the first time. It involves careful planning and execution to minimize or eliminate risks.

Website Migration
Mentseo - Jeremy Morrison SEO Consulting Toronto lighthouse audit
Lighthouse desktop report for

Pass Google Lighthouse Audits: core web vitals.

Lighthouse is a application created by Google to specifically inspect/audit the quality of individual websites. The app runs audits based on website performance - core web vitals, accessibility, best practices and SEO. It returns a color coded score for each category and a list of suggestions where improvements can be made on each page.

Lighthouse Service

Toronto SEO consultant

No matter what level you're on (Google ranking) or optimizing your website requires, my seo consulting services will help increase your search engine ranking, traffic and visibility and keep your website competitive on search engines.

Learn more about my SEO consulting service.

SEO Consultant

Managed seo

Every website is unique and requires a custom strategy with a complete analysis and audits in every area of SEO. For this reason, I do not offer standard price plans. I am happy to work within a client's monthly budget and also suggest a budget range once I have had an opportunity to check your SEO out. This does not mean you need to increase your budget to my suggestion. Many times, in small business, your budget is your budget and I get that.

I offer free custom SEO proposals. I don't just send out generic proposals. I do a fair amount of auditing and research, including competitor research. The proposal will give you an understanding of the scope of work and what you will be getting for your money.

I offer Holistic managed SEO service. This means I cover all aspects of Search Engine Optimization, including Technical SEO and manage your seo month to month, according to your budget.

Custom managed SEO

Starting at...

Based on your monthly budget (min $800) I will audit and analyze your website and your top competitors. Next, I will create a SEO strategy that I will execute, monitor and create monthly reports for. As the strategy progresses, I fine tune it, eliminate aspects that are not working well and focus on what is working. I also monitor your competition and adjust the strategy based on those findings.

Local SEO Management

Starting at...

Spend your time working on your actual business while I take care of things online. I create and manage your small business online accounts. Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Homestars and more. Account optimization, updates, company news, review management, weekly posts, local directory submissions. This is not social marketing but keeps your online presence in check, up-to-date, and helps build online trust.

Technical SEO

Starting at...

Technical SEO plays an important role in your overall SEO strategy but it also plays a role in your marketing and social media strategies. Basically, any efforts you make to gain traffic to your website, Technical SEO plays a role. This is the first thing that should be checked off the list. It also needs to be monitored and audited regularly and when issues are discovered, they must be fixed quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically I work with a preset budget each month. I like to outline the scope of work you can expect month to month, with the understanding that some months will require work that is not “typical”. This includes when Google updates its algorithm and time-consuming changes need to be made to your SEO. Working with preset budgets is best for you because you know exactly what you will spend each month. It’s best for me because it allows me to map out a long-term plan while sticking to your budget. Some months I will put in hours that go above your budget and some I will be under but you will always receive the same boost in SEO and quality work.

Alternatively, if you prefer I can work on a set hourly rate that I track plus deliverables. Given the fact you don’t know me, I will tell you the above option is better for you because I work hard for my clients and that usually involves me putting in more hours than fit in your budget.

I’m an SEO, not a content writer. I do all of the work involved in finding new topics. I stay alert to the latest in your industry, research keywords and your competitors and do all the on-page optimization. I outsource the actual writing to professionals. Ideally though, if you have some writing skills, you should write your own content.

Aside from content writing, which is not search engine optimization, I do all of the work myself.

The expectation I hold for myself is to rank each of my clients on the first page of Google for their “primary” keywords. Can I guarantee this? I wish I could but there are too many ongoing, existing and new factors involved. It is what I expect of my self though and what I can guarantee is I will work tireless trying to get you there.

My approach is long-term and unique to each client and their goals. What I mean by long term is I look at where Google has been heading and is heading in regards to their algorithm. Take for example your competition for page one is high and hard to obtain. I look at your competitor’s current seo and plan ahead on how I might be able to overtake them.

Many small businesses make the mistake of stopping seo efforts when they reach page one. Google is constantly updating algorithms and fine-tuning them to ensure they are serving the pages their users want, that follow their guidelines.

I pay attention to your competitors and make note of the ones that are lacking in seo because they are on page one. I look at how they got to page one and if their tactics are outdated or are becoming outdated, there is a good chance by keeping current and following Google’s latest guidelines and the right timing, I can gain you page one results. That is just one strategy and suits smaller budgets. There are several other approaches I can and do take, it really depends on the big picture.

You are never locked into a contract. Before we start I will provide you with a service agreement outline what services I will be providing, how i will provide the services and what you can expect in general when hiring me. I do recommend before you start any SEO that you are ready to make a commitment for at least 6 months.

I prefer e-transfer or cheques, they eliminate the credit card processing fee. That said, I understand sometimes credit cards are necessary and will happily accept payment by credit card.

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