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Hi, my name is Jeremy Morrison and I am a SEO freelancer and SEO consultant in Toronto and I designed and developed Mentseo.com for the purpose of offering my professional SEO services. Mentseo.com is not an SEO agency or a digital marketing agency although, SEO is widely considered a form of digital marketing. I specialize in everything SEO including using my html, css (Ib development) skills and experience running and maintaining websites to provide technical SEO services. On the homepage I have provided packages with preset prices but its best to work with a given budget or by the hour and perform tasks that are unique to your websites SEO requirements. I work on every account myself and communicate directly with all of my clients on a personal upfront and honest level. My main goal is to build long term business relationships with all my clients and take their website to the next level! Does this mean I can guarantee you an organic first page listing on Google? I would by mis guiding you if I did but I can say I will work hard to get you there and during that process I will increase your rankings, visibility and website traffic and also work hard to out rank your competitors on Google and Bing search.

SEO is a game of patience, planning, execution, monitoring, adjusting and dedication. It will take time to see results, typically anywhere from 3-6 months is when the work starts to pay off. Combining SEO efforts with one or more PPC campaigns will often times speed up the process and inform search engines that your business is real, serious and deserving of a high ranking. SEO is ongoing, hoIver unlike PPC the efforts made typically last for the long-term depending on what your competition is doing.

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