Quality Backlink Building.

Backlink building and monitoring is crucial to obtaining a high ranking on Google. This does not mean that a strong backlink profile alone will get you to the top but for years googles algorithm has played favor towards websites that have strong backlink profiles. Combining backlinks with content and having your technical SEO in check is your best bet at rising in the SERPS. This just one reason why content is important. When you create quality, relevant content that your visitors enjoy, they might share your page or better yet you may get a backlink from them.

Natural backlink building.

Unnatural backlink building is a slippery slope when it comes to Google’s algorithms as they do not link this form of linking because it is typically spammy and the web pages that are linking to you are largely not relevant to your websites content, services or general purpose. There are plenty of seo agencies out there that will give you hopes with the promise of thousands of website links in quick time and they will deliver. However, this type of backlink building often does not do much for your website ranking. It may drive traffic but it is not targeted and may result in a high bounce rate. Even if your website rising in rank due to the backlinks, if the links are bad it will drop again once googles algorithms figure it out.

Part of our backlinking service is analyzing all your website links (internal and external) and potentially disavow links that are hurting your ranking rather than helping. There are many secrets to Google’s algorithm and not all backlinks that are not within relevant content will hurt your ranking but if Google suspects spam links it could lead to a drop in your ranking and manual actions against your website. We can find bad links that are hurting your ranking and make an informed decision to disavow the link.

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High domain authority links.

The best backlinking specialist will seek out high authority websites with a DA score of at least 30 and reach out to the owner in an attempt to gain a backlink on their website. This does not mean backlinks on websites with a lower DA score should be ignored, any link will help and adding sites with a DA10 and under is common and effective. It's just that the quality of the linking page makes a huge impact on the value of the link and so does the content the link is surround by. This method is not exactly natural in the true sense of the word because the links are being sought after but we do it in a natural way that google search engine can not pick up on yet.

Relevant content on linking page.

The web page where your link will be placed will have relevant content to your linked page as well which is another factor in creating a strong backlink profile. Another popular tactic is blogger outreach backlink building. This is much the same as reaching out to website owners and in many cases, we are reach out to the website owner because the blogger owes the website. These links are most often paid links but because we are working with bloggers your link goes into a page that will contain content relevant to the page you are linking to. We have a very long and growing list of websites covering 1000’s of niches and ranking from DA10 all the way up to DA80.

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