The expense of social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a double-edged sword. On one hand you have 4 billion people at your fingertips and all the tools you need to engage with any of them at any time. On the other hand, you're running a business and that is where your time needs to be spent. Not only that but there seems to be this general consensus that business owners can manage their own social accounts and handle their own SEO. This statement is not false however, from experience it’s a simple fact that even the business owners that try and put a good effort in, do not have the knowledge to be successful and most do not even create a strategy.

The objective of digital marketing is; A) Increase your brands awareness, trust and authority. B) Maximize your online visibility. C) Make money! If your making decent money you can most likely afford full out digital marketing.

If you're not making money the reason can simply be your business is still young, under 5 years and you're still climbing that big hill. It does matter if you are in your first month, year or your 4th year you need to budget for digital marketing. If you do not have a lose budget you can still take advantage of social media marketing. Putting something in is much better than not putting anything in at all.

This is why you will see what we call "service snippets" at affordable prices. Service snippets are basically services that are broken down from main digital marketing services such as SEO and social media marketing. Service snippets do not depend on other services for their implementation to be successful. This gives you options putting you in control of your budget while reaping some of the essential benefits of Digital marketing.

Ideally if you were purchasing service snippets you would be motivated and knowledgeable in some aspects of digital marketing. Maybe you’re creative and are able to create your own creative images to post on social media but you lack the knowledge or interest in creating a strategy. With service snippets you have the freedom to create your images while the task of creating your strategy is on the hands of an affordable digital marketing professional.

Managed SEO that gets results!