Social media community management.

Many small business owners overlook the importance of social media engagement and the impact it can have on their business. It is one thing to have zero presence on these essential platforms and having an account that is not active is better than no account at all but it's not going to get you ahead of your competition.

So, you have an account, your NAP is all setup, your following a zillion users with no direction or reason for following them other than to make them aware of your business. You make a post here and there, like a comment and maybe join a group or two. You do this for a couple of weeks maybe months and see no return on your time invested so you see no reason to continue and the account sits idle. Still better than no account, yes but it's not enough.

You can bet out of the many competitors you have there are many that have active accounts that are consistently updated. Guaranteed your competitors that are most successful have out sourced to a digital marketing company. It’s the only way to go and the only option that should be considered. Marketing is much more than adding “friends” and following pages. The entire process begins with detailed and in-depth analysis and of not only your business but your competitors. In fact, analyzing your competition is the most important part of any digital marketing strategy. You need to know what your they are doing that works so you can mimic the same and do it better. You need to know what they are doing that is not working so you can avoid the pitfall or make appropriate adjustments and find an opening to overtake your competition.

An analysis is paramount for you to succeed and out compete your competition. Think about it, from extensive research you know exactly what your competitors are doing. This is equivalent to having access to your opposite's playbook. It doesn’t win you the game but it gives you a much-needed edge.

This is just the tip of the social media marketing iceberg. Not only is there vast knowledge to be had the landscape is ever changing and that cannot be truer than in the past few years. The internet is constantly changing and social media is constantly updated. New platforms emerge and others can fade out. Game changing features have been implemented in the past and will be again.

There was a time when social media was just for linking up with old friends and staying close to current friends. The posts you saw were also once most likely from your friend or from a friend of a friend and the ads your saw was on a sidebar. Now the majority of the posts you see are ignited by a business that is interested in bringing awareness to a brand. The post you see are ads, plain and simple. Even the posts from your friends, the “reposts, most likely originated from digital marketing in some form.

So, if you’re a business you should be on social media and you should be marketing on social media. Just having an account is not enough!

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