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Google Lighthouse Audit Service.

Google Lighthouse is an open source application created by Google. The app audits several key factors directly related to the quality of individual websites and Mentseo offers a service focused on passing the complete audit for specific websites. The app audits 4 different categories; performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO and it takes a different skill set for each catergory. There is a specific SEO catergory but the entire audit directly relates to search engine optimization. More specifically Technical SEO, and On Page SEO.

Passing lighthouse audit score for

Does a passing lighthouse audit help SEO?

Google created Lighthouse specifically for the purpose of giving insights to improving websites for Google Search Index.

When it comes to SEO the focus tends to lean towards content and backlinks but Technical and Onpage SEO are a close second if not equally important. The whole point of SEO is to optimize the best you can and that means all aspects of SEO. Google simply wants to give its users the best experience possbile and to do that they give preference to websites that meet specific guidlines and best practices.

As an example the Accessibility Audit looks at each website from the point of view of a screen reader and makes suggestions to improve the experience a screen reader user will have on the website. Google and all major search engines put a high importance on websites that are optimized for screen readers.

The Performance Audit looks at page load speed and is a key factor for improving mobile search rankings.

How does the Google Lighthouse Service work?

The first step is finding your websites that bring the most traffic. Next, those pages will be audited and from the data collected a list will be created of websites that need improvement to pass the lighthouse audit in an order based first on traffic and second on the audit score.

How much does the Lighthouse Audit Service cost?

The service starts at $500 and includes detailed optimization of five websites and an analysis of all your websites to determine the best pages to optimize first.

Optimization of addtional pages is $100 per page.

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