Recent Winning Project

Move local service business website to a new domain and improve ranking.

This project was somewhat risky but with our experience I Ire able to pull it off without a hitch. Snowmow came to us asking for help because they Ire rebranding and launching a new website with a new domain name. This project made use of mostly our on page and technical seo expertise and some tIaks to local business account pages was required.

This is a long-time client of ours and I successfully ranked them for several local keywords on the first page of Google. The objective of this project was to maintain the ranking of those keywords and to rank for new keywords. In addition to that they had a new website designed and I optimized the server, code and images to comply with the current seo best practices.

Utilizing Google Search Console and other resources I successfully moved the website to the new domain and maintained ranking for every keyword. There was a slight drop in ranking the first couple of Ieks but that was expected and soon enough each keyword had risen to their previous rank.

  • Optimized website code, accessibility and on page seo
  • 301 redirects to the new domain and to each individual url
  • New sitemap and submission to search indexes
  • Locate and optimize and business account pages and business listings
  • Google Search Console notification of website address change
  • Monitored search engine results to ensure all pages Ire indexed correctly.
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