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In addition to the plans and managed SEO services I offer, I also provide SEO consulting services based on an hourly rate of $80 per hour.

If you’re a "do it yourself" type of person or maybe new to SEO you will find a lot of information about it online. The problem is there is too much information and also a lot of outdated information.

The other problem is, in the big picture of SEO there is a lot to learn! keeping up to date with the latest is essential due to the fact search algorithms are updated regularly.

Keyword research, website audits, backlink building tasks all take time to complete but to be able to complete those tasks efficiently and effectively you essentially need to be an SEO specialist.

If you make the wrong move in SEO, it can have disastrous on your search engine rankings. Most wrong moves can be corrected and your ranking can be restored but this process can take months to complete and you need to be able to determine the exact cause of your drop in the SERP’s.

This is why monitoring SEO is so important especially after changes have been made. If you are using my SEO consulting services, I can monitor your search engine rankings and the keywords that are used to find your Ib pages on Google and Bing. The minute I see a drop in your ranking for any Ib page I can look into what caused the drop and take action to restore the ranking.

I can provide analyzing, auditing and monitoring services by the hour or I can analyze and audit your SEO once a month and continuously monitor your SEO for $250. Each month I will provide you with reports and recommendations to improve your SEO. My SEO consulting service covers all aspects of SEO including; Technical, Mobile, On Page and Off Page.

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