Expert SEO Strategy

An seo strategy is the brains of all our seo campaigns and are designed to get results. Before we start a strategy, we run audits and complete a thorough analysis of your website. We use that data to make informed decisions to create a strong actionable strategy that will increase your Google and Bing search rankings, online visibility and drive targeted traffic to your site.

We look at every aspect of search engine optimizing when creating a strategy and fine tune the best way to not only increase your search engine ranking but to also become more visible to internet searchers.

We will look at the best approach to increase your organic ranking on not only Google but also Bing and other search engine like You Tube (yes, it’s a search engine too). In fact, there are many other ways to drive organic traffic to your site besides Google Search.

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  • Complete customized strategy
  • Strategic link building
  • Technical and local optimization
  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Relevant content sourcing
  • Monthly analysis, audits and reporting
  • Rank, backlink and keyword monitoring

Depending on your budget and competition it might make more sense to put the focus on other search engines in order to drive traffic to your website to get the ball rolling. This also goes for keywords. Everyone wants to rank for the top keywords but how long will that take and how much of your budget will go into ranking for these keywords?

Every website is different and sometimes it makes more sense to focus on keywords that are not at the top but not far from it. This way there is less competition for these keywords giving you a better shot of ranking for them. If you find enough and ranking for them well, they all drive traffic to your website and in turn your ranking will increase.

This is just the tip of what can go into a professional seo strategy. Get started with us and we will create the best actionable strategy for your unique situation. We will execute and monitor your strategy with precision making necessary adjustment along the way.

Managed SEO that gets results!