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Transfer website to new domain name

If you’re moving a website to a new domain name there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. The wrong way is of course, not doing it the right way!

If you do it the wrong way, the website is at risk of losing its current search engine rankings for the long term or depending how fast you act, in the shorter term, either way - much longer than was needed in the first place.

To avoid losing your Google organic and local ranking certain technical and off-page SEO steps must be taken. If you don’t have technical knowledge of websites, cpanel, redirects, htaccess, Google Console etc or CMS’s like WordPress, you may find hiring me to complete the transfer of your website to your new website address is your best bet.

I take care of all factors related to website migration and maintaining a websites current ranking. If website pages have lost rankings already and the website has been moved to the new domain, I can work on restoring your rankings. This is a task or rather, a project that should be planned in advance, with the right steps taken.

Top factors when moving a website to a new address.
  • 303 Redirects
  • Updating links
  • Url renaming if required
  • Canonical links
  • DNS
  • Test and audit
  • website transfer and go live
  • Google Console and Bing Webmaster
  • Update off page and local SEO

SEO process for website migration

When you are considering changing your website address or making other major changes that can negatively impact your search engine ranking there should always be good reason to make the changes. Once you decide to make changes it is a commitment and although risks can completely avoided, it is a big commitment.

Even if your website has only been live for 6 months or a year, it is still 6 months to a year of SEO progress. Transfer needs to be done carefully and progress needs to be monitored for months after the migration occurs.

The first thing I do is analyze and plan the complete migration.

Once I have completed the plan, I complete tasks I have determined need to take place, test, audit and complete the transfer to go live. Once the website is live, I will update off page SEO and also notify Google and Bing that there is a change of website address. It will take time for both Google and Bing to process the address change and can take 6 months or even longer.

During the time the website change of address in in progress, I monitor website ranking, keywords and backlinks. If a drop is detected or a website does not regain ranking in reasonable time I act quickly to analyze and fix the problem.

Price to transfer a website to a new domain

The best way and most cost-effective way to migrate a website to a new address is to make as little changes as possible to websites and this includes keeping url names as is, unless there is good reason to change them. The only reason a url name change should take place is if the page does not rank well. Or keyword opportunities have been discovered that are relevant to the page and can rank it higher.

Factors as I just described amongst other factors will all play a part in overall costs.

As I mentioned before this is a commitment for both of I and once committed it needs to be seen through to the end. The costs involved will vary from client to client but as a starting point for a typical small business website I charge $750 to analyze and plan the website migration and SEO tasks that will need to be completed. And typically, another $750 to complete the tasks involved for a total of $1500 to migrate and update technical and on page SEO.

Off page and local SEO (local business pages, backlinks, directory listings, social media) requirements for the average small business website can vary greatly. The work involved can take anywhere from hours to days to complete. For this service I charge $80 per hour with a base charge of $500 and will provide you with a ball park estimate before the work starts.

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