Technical seo consultant.

Technical SEO is incredibly important to be successful in search engine rankings. Not every SEO Specialist can offer this service because it involves website optimization of code and server configurations.

I am a technical SEO Specialist that will perform website optimization service on your website using our experience and vast technical knowledge. In fact, this audit is typically the first thing we do and always the first on our list is to correct any short comings. I make this my first priority because before I start driving traffic to your website, I want to make sure your pages are at 100 percent of their ranking potential.

After I get the technical concerns corrected, we start creating content and seek out backlinks. This way your landing pages will be optimized and the user experience will be improved for your new visitors.

Our technical seo service in its basic form is optimizing your website for fast page loads and ensuring your website is optimized for mobile phones. Giving the end user a good experience while browsing your website. It also involves optimizing images and website code such as html, javascript and css.

I go into great detail with our technical audits. From server speed to ensuring your tap targets are correctly spaced (link buttons) on your pages and everything in between. I even look at your websites html and add or correct any page structure and accessibility concerns.

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  • Image optimization and compression
  • Semantic html and accessibility
  • Webpage html structure
  • Server configurations / CDN
  • SSL Certificate installation
  • Page load speed improvements
  • Mobile friendly UI

Managed SEO that gets results!