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Website Analytics

Have you ever asked yourself;

How many visitors is my website getting?
What web pages are users visiting?
What buttons are users clicking on?
Where are my visitors coming from?
Where does my website rank on Google?
What search terms bring users to my website?
What type of devices are my visitors using?
Does my call to action work best at the bottom or middle of the page?

The answers to those questions and many more are found using a number of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Tag Manager. With a bit of a learning curve, a tech-savvy user can become familiar with the basic functions of these tools and gain a better understanding of how their website is performing. However, to truly understand how your website is performing, how users browse your website, how the user experience is, who your target audience really is and the demographics of your visitors, one needs to dig much deeper than the basic functions. Having the knowledge and experience to use the advanced features of these tools and the ability to combine the data in one place puts you on another playing field. Simply put; no digital marketing strategy should even begin without having these tools set up, ready to use in an advanced way and in the hands of an advanced power user.

User Behaviour

Understand the behaviour of your users while they browse your website.

Custom Events

Using the power of Google Tag Manager any event/action taken on your site can be tracked.

Custom Goals

Tracking the goals that matter the most to your business.

Target Audience

define and reach your target audience using demographics and optimize your content and offerings for your audience.

Technology Data

Find out what devices, screen size and browsers your visitors are using and combine the data with your audience data.

Traffic Channels

Improving traffic generation methods starts by defining the best channels you gain traffic from.

Traffic location

Combine traffic location with traffic channels to get a bigger picture.

Marketing Analytics

Optimization of your ad campaigns using web data to lower advertising costs.

Content Marketing

Get an in depth understanding of what content topics (web pages) are driving traffic.

Google Ranking

Know exactly what search terms are used to find your site and where your pages rank on Google Search.

Google Performance

Optimizing pages for Google Search begins with understanding how they perform.

Website Audits

Complete technical and onpage audits of your websites performance, core web vitals, accessibility, seo, mobile friendliness and more.

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