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Website design with a focus on SEO

What separates mentseo's website design service from other companies is the heavy focus on seo.From the planning stage to development to launch and everything in between. On page, technical and keywords research are all taken care of so when your website goes live it is ready to reach its full potential on Google. If you want to rank well in Google Search (and I know you do) seo is a must and its best to get it done and ready for launch day! Semantic html, structured data, rich snippets, core vitals and ready for mobile. Your website will be ready to rank in search engines out of the box!

  • Responsive website design
  • Accessibility and page structure
  • Mobile friendly with fast page loads
  • Semantic html markup
  • Excellent user experience
  • Professional meta titles and descriptions
  • Minified and purged CSS and JavaScript
  • Images optimized for mobile devices

Why seo ready website design?

If your serious about your business and online visibility this is a service you need, without question. In order to rank high on Google and Bing your seo must be 100% complete and fine-tuned. The best time to do this is while your website is being planned and designed. At some point it will need to be done so why wait? Launch your website the right way and the smart way with our search engine optimization website design and development service in Scarborough, Toronto. All websites are responsive, 100% mobile friendly and up to date with the latest trends and user experience techniques that lend to a higher ranking on Google.

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Own an existing small business? Launching a local startup? Web designer, developer or digital marketer looking to outsource your SEO in Canada? I work on monthly retainers within your budget and also do one off jobs such as optimizing your Technical SEO.