Google E-A-T quality rating

What is google E-A-T quality rating?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Google’s aim is to reward websites, content/authors that have strong E-A-T. Google’s algorithms are designed and continue to be updated to rank pages based on E-A-T.

In addition to Google’s algorithms, E-A-T is accessed by humans that are referred to as “quality raters”. Quality raters follow a detailed document released by Google called search quality rater guidelines. Although, Google states that quality raters have no direct impact on SEO, the E-A-T guidelines they follow, directly relate to Google’s Algorithms.

Studying these guidelines to understand how raters learn to assess good content, will go a long way to help improve the content on your website and in turn, your ranking in Google Search.

E-A-T is basically a website’s online reputation and is based on the experience of real users and opinions of people that are experts in the field that is relevant to your website, company and content. A good E-A-T quality rating is determined from the quality of a websites content as well as several external online sources.

Anyone can write content, post it to their blog and claim to be an expert. External sources like reviews, press releases and endorsements from reputable external sources outweigh internal (your website) content. Quality raters are directed to trust reputable external sources over your website content, if the sources disagree with what your website says.

For a basic, to the point example; if your website content claims you are an expert in your field and even if you have positive Google reviews, quality raters are trained to look at external sources and if they find enough negative reviews, articles etc. The external sources will impact your quality rating in a negative way and largely outweigh the content on your website.

It is a general expectation that reputation information will be found for large organizations and well-known content creators. Many small, local businesses have little or no external information relating to the reputation of their website.

Taking this into account, a lack of online reputation is not considered an indication of low page quality. On the contrary, the presence of an external, positive reputation is an indication of high page quality.

E-A-T is not something you can fake and ethically should not be something you try to fake. E-A-T is something you can leverage to back up your expertise, primarily through external, expert sources.

The guidelines quality raters follow are extensive, extremely detailed and layout the ground work and building blocks that determine a websites E-A-T, quality rating.

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