SEO scam or misguided SEO service offering in 2021 – DA score is easily manipulated, faked.

First, I want to make it clear that I am not implying DA scores directly relate to SEO scams but in my opinion, they are used or can be used to allow individuals to provide SEO services they are aware are scams or inadvertently provide the service without knowing they are essentially providing an SEO service that holds no value and therefore may be viewed as an SEO scam. 

Moz DA (domain authority) Score 

The Moz DA score in its self is absolutely not an SEO scam. The intention behind this score is to inform users of the Domain Authority a particular Domain carries based on Moz’s algorithm. I am sure a lot went into creating the algorithm and it uses a well-thought-out process to assign scores to domains.  

I have never read anywhere that Moz claims this is used by Google to rank websites and I believe their intention is to provide guidance to those seeking backlinks on Domains that Google might see as a high-value link.  

With that said, Google does not use Moz’s algorithm or their DA scoring system in any way. In no way does Google use the DA score to rank websites or to determine the value of a backlink. 

Yet many SEO’s offering high DA backlinks still imply they do use it or simply promote High DA links with the understanding that people believe a high DA score translates to a valuable backlink.  

Others I am sure believe a high DA score translates in this way but in my opinion and in the opinion of countless SEO’s they are wrong. 

Why do I believe DA score can be used to scam? 

It’s actually very simple.  There are “SEO’s” offering a service on Fiverr claiming to increase your DA score to a DA50.   

I know full well that Google does not use DA for ranking websites going in but I decided to order the service to see if, in fact, the provider could raise a DA score from DA10 to DA50. 

As it turns out within a week the provider, through manipulation was indeed able to raise the score to a DA50.  

So really if someone knows Google does not use DA at all and they use the service, the Fiverr provider really is not scamming that individual.  If they are led to believe the DA score will improve their Google ranking, they are intentionally being scammed or perhaps misguided by a service provided that is also misguided.  

If an SEO uses the service and knows it does not increase ranking and they are using it to improve a client’s SEO they are intentionally scamming their client that does not know better or perhaps is misguided and therefore they are misguiding their client. 

Because a DA score can be so easily manipulated that reinforces my already strong opinion that a DA score really means absolutely nothing.  If the score could not be manipulated it might hold some value when seeking valuable backlinks but again it is not something Google uses and Moz really is just putting their best effort in to provide guidance.  

Unfortunately, some SEO’s and website owners that might use DA when conducting backlink research or acquiring backlinks are not aware of this DA manipulation technic and will have no way of knowing a score has been artificially raised from, for example, a DA10 to a DA50 – basically overnight.