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How to increase website traffic in 2021

Create Content More Content and More Content

Creating and publishing content still remains one of the best ways to increase website traffic in 2021.

Creating quality content that is relevant to your niche/industry will drive traffic to your site. Make sure to write content that relates to your website. Doing so will greatly increase the percentage of targeted traffic you receive and not just traffic in general.

Content marketing is at the top of the sales funnel. It helps build awareness and trust with your potential and current customers and builds authority for your website.

Before you write content be sure to conduct keyword research. This will assist greatly in identifying the most suitable keywords, the traffic they might bring and how competitive they are. 

Guest Blog and Host Guest Bloggers

Build upon your trust and authority by leveraging Guest blogging on authoritative websites in your niche. Expand your reach, build strong backlinks while becoming a perceived industry expert, increasing your online credibility.

Writing content can be time-consuming and even if you are an expert in your field you may not be the best content writer. After all, this is why people make a living writing professional content.

Open your website blog to experts in your industry. Extend invitations for these experts to write unique relevant blog articles to post in your blog. This will take the pressure off you, save time, give your readers a bit of variety while increasing website traffic. Because the author will more than likely link to their article from their site, if the site is authoritative you will gain a worthwhile backlink.

Repurpose Content for Social Media

After you have created an article and to avoid duplicate content/plagiarism issues you can convert the content into other useful formats. Create infographics, guides,  slideshows and videos.

By repurposing content, you end up writing more frequently since you cut your time in half or more by creating new content from your existing content.

Pillar Pages

A pillar page is a web page covering a subject in complete detail and contains internal links to related content. The page should contain more or less all the information needed on a particular subject/topic. 

You can bring in a lot more traffic and increase authority in the eyes of Google by writing pillar page content. This is also where you can focus on targeting short-tail keywords that link internally to blog pages focusing on long-tail keywords.

Write Content Frequently

Try to write content on a regular basis, at least one article per week. If you don’t have the time, try to make the time and also utilize guest bloggers to fill the caps.

If your website has a considerable amount of content, invest time in updating the content to make it current. Even just updating the publish date can help. 

Writing content consistently and frequently will also “train” search engine algorithms to crawl your website more often.

Optimize Content

Optimize your content for search by applying on-page SEO techniques. Do the research to find appropriate keywords and from those keywords discover new trending topics to write about.

Use your newfound keywords within the content in a non-spammy way. Add the keywords to the page’s title tag, h1 elements, meta description, within the first paragraph and with long-form content spread them throughout the page in a natural way. 

Focus on Internal Links 

Give search engine crawls a clear path to crawl your entire site by creating internal links. Search engines crawl websites using links to find new pages and updated content. Point a higher amount of internal links to your main pages to increase their authority and encourage users to visit those pages thus increasing ranking and in turn, traffic.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters: Email newsletters are an excellent way to stay in contact with people that are already interested in your business. They keep people informed and also send gentle reminders that you are still in business and are an excellent way to keep the attention on your business.

Cold emails: Yes cold emailing is still a thing and no it is not considered spam if done correctly. However, the majority of the time cold emailing is the least effective way to increase traffic. MOst be do not want to be bothered with this type of email especially when they are checking their inbox for work-related purposes. 

Promotional emails: If you have something to offer that will grab people’s attention you can also use this method can be effective with cold emails. Promotional emails can be a great way to bring traffic and possibly convert that traffic into a sale or in the least, gain a new customer that will make a future purchase.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click generally will guarantee targeted traffic. Experiment with different platforms and don’t just use Google unless of course it is working for you and you’re getting a return on your investment. 

Besides Google, most people are aware of Facebook advertising, which for a lot of businesses can be effective. It’s not for every business though and might take some trial and error to discover if it’s for you or not.

Other platforms that are not as well known or are simply not used when they should be are Linkedin, Instagram and even Pinterest and Tik Tok. It all depends on what you are selling. Obviously, if you are an electrical contractor you will not have success on a platform such as Tik Tok because it is geared more towards young people.

Referral Traffic

When you create content for your website, share it on social media platforms.  Not all social platforms target the same audience so learn where your audience hangs out and what works best for your content. For example, if you’re an electrician, posting content on Tik Tok and Pinterest will not yield any results that are worth your time. Focusing on Facebook and Google My Business would be a better use of your time.

Get Involved in Online Communities

Join or create groups on Facebook, Linkedin and other online platforms. Answer questions, ask questions and generally become actively involved. Doing this will help build trust with your audience and will result in an increase in traffic to your website. Make sure your profile contains a link to your website.

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